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In Money We Trust?  is an illuminating one-hour public television documentary that answers the question, “what is money?”  


In a narrative that begins in ancient times and takes us to the present day, In Money We Trust? explains how, 2,500 years ago, the invention of money provided a shared measure of value that…


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Outtakes Worth Watching

Seth Lipsky: ‘The Floating Kilogram’

Why not let the kilogram float like the dollar?

Steve Hanke: Money and ‘The Misery Index’

“Why are seventy percent of all the dollar notes circulating outside the United States?”

Roger Lowenstein: The Slow March Towards A U.S. Central Bank

“Americans have this distrust of banks that goes back to our history.”

George Gilder: “The Scandal of Money”

“The whole economy is overhung by this vast cloud of almost meaningless financial instruments.”

Paul Volcker: The Lessons Of Inflation

“This is the time to be careful. Very careful.”

Janet Gleeson: John Law and The Mississippi Bubble

The historic monetary debacle that nearly destroyed France.

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The Book

The documentary In Money We Trust? Is based on the book by Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames, MONEY: How The Destruction of the Dollar Threatens The Global Economy and What We Can Do About It. An updated special edition has been published in conjunction with the program.


In MONEY, Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames explain why a return to sound money is essential for the United States and other nations to achieve a stable and prosperous economy. The book also shows why sound money is critical to maintaining the social trust essential to a well-functioning society…


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